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Nevada Web Development
Nevada Web Development

E-commerce website

Your internet retail business is built on a solid eCommerce website. Vegas Design recognizes how important it is to take advantage of cutting-edge technology to increase revenue. Our eCommerce services are flexible, fully adaptable, and provide the finest standard functionality and features. Our team can design a solution that fits your business and eCommerce objectives, construct fully customized eCommerce functions, link with ERP systems, and gather data from many sources. We are the ideal solution for your project due to the mix of our e-commerce website design services and years of eCommerce expertise.

  • Boost online sales across all platforms. You can drive eCommerce transactions across platforms, regardless of how your customers shop, by having a desktop, tablet, and smartphone-adaptable eCommerce website.
  • E-commerce websites that are quick to load. Your website will load remarkably fast and enable users to quickly transition from browsing to checking out, thanks to its development using the most recent standards and technologies.
  • OStrong eCommerce features & performance. We have you covered for everything from fundamental eCommerce features to complex product selections, characteristics, and filters. We are capable of any functionality needs or integrations.

We work on the following: X-Cart, Zen-Cart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, CS-Cart, VirtueMart, WooCommerce, WordPress, PrestaShop, CRELoaded, Amazon, and eBay

Nevada Web Development

Payment Gateways Integration

E-commerce websites must manage transactions through a variety of channels, such as processing payments via a website, accepting payments by credit card on a smartphone, etc. To ensure that your company can accept credit card payments in the manner that your consumers prefer, look for a payment gateway integration service that can manage all of these distinct channels. By selecting Vegas Design as your payment processing integrator, you can guarantee that your clients enjoy a great purchasing experience.

Services provided by Vegas Design for payment gateway integration include

  • Including a payment gateway in your ecommerce website and business
  • construction of an online merchant platform
  • Virtual terminal with one click for manually processing sales and issuing credits
  • Conversion tools for currencies
  • Facility for phone and SMS billing
  • Data in text format can be downloaded and imported into an Excel sheet.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly recurring billing
  • Support for multiple transactions and interaction with shopping carts
  • CoServices for technical assistance and customer support

We may add other players, such as

Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Authorize.net, Stripe, FastSpring, First Atlantic, Commerce, etc., to your payment gateway.

Website Design Las Vegas Nevada
Website Design Las Vegas Nevada
Website Design Las Vegas Nevada


There are hundreds of frameworks available in the modern web development environment.

A successful and long-lasting website depends on selecting the proper development framework. Our Las Vegas web design company outperforms the competition in evaluating framework choices based on customer specifications. We can assist in choosing the greatest framework to carry out your ideal project because we have a staff of web designers who are knowledgeable in a variety of frameworks.

Our web development team can help us create one-of-a-kind, interactive, and feature-rich websites and applications by working directly with us.

To ensure optimal performance, all applications are thoroughly tested. Your special program is bug-free and usable after completing this process. Similarly, we can add new modules to previously constructed platforms using well-known frameworks such as Zend, CakePHP, Yii, Fat-Free, Framework, CodeIgniter, Symfony, and Laravel.

Zend, CakePHP, Yii, Fat-Free, Framework, CodeIgniter
Symfony, Laravel

Las Vegas Website Development Las Vegas Website Development

Email Campaigns

There is no more effective digital marketing strategy than email marketing for creating and converting leads.

Despite the popularity and rise of messengers and chat apps, studies reveal that approximately 61% of customers still favor email-facilitated brand contacts. This preference cuts across ages and genders.

Email marketing is more important than ever because of its widespread use and worldwide relevance.

Vegas Design provides a wide selection of email marketing services tailored to your brand's requirements, budget, and desired market segments. Vegas Design also invests in cutting-edge email marketing software and holds ongoing training sessions to give marketing automation services that are beneficial and profitable.

We use the following email marketing software:

MailChimp, SendGrid, SparkPost, and Sendy.

Las Vegas Website Development
Las Vegas Nv Web Development
Las Vegas Nv Web Development Las Vegas Nv Web Development


Vegas Design combines data and the finest techniques in the industry for a comprehensive, flexible content management approach. Our end-to-end content management services boost corporate performance by utilizing business intelligence, information management, design, and portal development skills.

We offer knowledgeable content management services for your website from our creative development team. Keep in mind: content is king! .

Your website's reach can grow significantly, and the incoming organic traffic on your website can be enhanced with good content management. Naturally, it lessens the necessity for advertising-based marketing, which lowers your company's expensive costs. To quickly set up a CMS, get in touch with us immediately.

We use the following content management tools:

SocialEngine, vTiger, Joomla, WordPress, aMember, ModX, and Drupal.

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Social Networks

The social network API integration service we offer at Vegas Design is incredibly dependable and well-regarded in the market. It will blend seamlessly into the layout and appearance of your website and mobile app. By entrusting us with the social media API integration service responsibilities, you can fully harness the potential of your online presence for audience connection and promotion.

Would you like to use the power of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for your content marketing? Do you wish to leverage social login to increase user engagement? Vegas Design's professional social media API integration service can assist you with both.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Web Designers in Las Vegas Nv
Web Designers in Las Vegas Nv
Web Agency Services in Las Vegas Nv
Web Agency Services in Las Vegas Nv

Web Design Services

Having a digital presence requires more than just setting up a website and hoping people will find it. Your company's internet presence is built on your website. It acts as your main customer contact point and conversion device. As a result, you must ensure it appears higher in search results, differentiates itself from the competitors, and corresponds to your visitors' goals.

It is essential that you keep your website flexible if you want to attract internet consumers and search engines. When potential clients look up your brand online, you must make sure they find a legitimate business platform. If not, you risk losing the trust of potential customers and discouraging them from interacting with your business.

Invest in a responsive Web Design Company in Las Vegas to increase consumer interest in your brand's offers. Vegas Design offers services for creating SEO-friendly websites that are intended to improve your search engine rankings, broaden your internet exposure, and turn website traffic into paying clients.

Sketch, Gimp, Photoshop, Figma, Adobe Illustrator,
Adobe InDesign, Inkscape

Web Agency Services in Las Vegas Nc


The front end of your website or application should tell a story; it goes beyond simple graphic design. At Vegas Design, we have the expertise to make your product stand out by telling your narrative with the right layout, thoughtful navigation, functionality, and usability. Our team of front-end professionals provides their collective knowledge on numerous front-end development topics. They have experience with Angular, JavaScript, Vue, jQuery, nodeJS, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, and many more frameworks and libraries.

Both front-end as a service and custom front-end development is offered to clients by Vegas Design. Our business has more than 15 years of experience in this field and has consistently worked with small and large businesses. Our clients value our solid technological background, which enables us to produce fully functional applications.

Our work focuses on helping customers overcome their business and technical obstacles. We've successfully finished over 700 projects for large, medium-sized, and small businesses.

Angular, JavaScript, Vue, jQuery, nodeJS, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3

Web Development Services Las Vegas
Web Development Services Las Vegas
Web Development Services Las Vegas


Our skilled technical team has extensive knowledge of various databases, including MSSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL, to give you the finest results. They concentrate on reducing operational complexity while providing our clients with the best degree of performance.

MSSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Website Development Las Vegas Website Development Las Vegas

Mobile Development

You need a group of mobile app designers who will delve deeper into your company's ecosystem and target market, investigate your client's demands and journeys through analysis, develop a unique approach, and help your business fully utilize mobile technology. In the end, this is what custom mobile app creation is all about.

You can start or advance your mobile app project by utilizing our mobile application development services. Our specialists handle the full process of developing a mobile app, including data analysis, UX/UI design, and development from conception to launch. They also integrate the new features into your structure and offer additional customization and scale-up as needed. We create mobile applications for various platforms with cutting-edge tools and established methods. Mobile application development is now fine art. Our technically skilled iOS developers, Android developers, and designers have over 15 years of expertise and produce cutting-edge, appealing, and dynamic mobile applications. At Vegas Design, we are experts at developing end-to-end customized mobile applications using the most recent technology with an intuitive UI and great aesthetics. Our applications stand out from the typical, generic mobile apps because of our commitment to graphic design, engineering, durability, and security.

Android, iPhone, PhoneGap, Swift, Java, Kotlin, React Native

Website Development Las Vegas
Web Development Las Vegas Nv
Web Development Las Vegas Nv Web Development Las Vegas Nv

Video streaming

With the aid of the top video storage services, our skilled staff manages your content. You can access your data from any location by using Amazon S3 and Dropbox using their respective APIs. We can handle all of your YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon, and JW Player video streaming needs.

YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon, JW Player

Las Vegas Web Development Las Vegas Web Development


With our extensive selection of cloud storage solutions, you may switch to a more dependable and secure method of data storage, such as Amazon, DropBox, or Google Drive. We provide fully managed cloud services for local government databases, US agencies, municipal networks, federal organizations, and enterprises of all sizes. Utilize world-class data storage and transfer services to upgrade your assets and boost the scalability and effectiveness of your workflows. Our remote servers are securely guarded over and host your data. This lowers the danger of security breaches while freeing up your IT infrastructure for other tasks.

Amazon, DropBox, Google Drive

Web Development Las Vegas
Web Development Las Vegas
Web Development Las Vegas

Website Analytics

Although having a website is essential, success isn't always ensured. Web analytics such as WHMCS, Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, GTMetrix, Pingdom, and Google PageSpeed, provides you the power to continuously analyze every component of your website to make sure it is advancing your business goals. Our experts at Vegas Design provide unmatched proficiency in the area of site analytics. We enthusiastically use our years of knowledge to assist you in reaching your target market and expanding your company's reach. Our team will collaborate with you to identify the elements of your website that are enhancing or detracting from your company. We'll support you in making crucial choices regarding modifying or expanding the numerous site features you provide

These tools let you know that you are winning!

WHMCS, Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, GTMetrix, Pingdom, Google PageSpeed